Dreaming about intestines

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intruder ? also see dream dictionary: burglar and dream dictionary: people dreams with a prime focus on an intruder, indicates that we may be experiencing a feeling of being under threat or that we are hiding something. most often the intruder will appear as a male suggesting, for a female, a need to feel protected (including sex and sexuality).
They signified unfavorable results in own affairs, probably loss with much displeasure and family quarrels
To dream of your own intestines is a sign of physical strain; get more rest if the dream involved severe pain, you should consider seeing a doctor a dream of human intestines other than your own signifies a period of worry concerning a close friend or a relative animal intestines featured in a dream predict an impressive improvement in your lifestyle
If you dream that you have pain in the intestines, then you will be haunted by a problem dreams of using intestines as a casing for a sausage, means that you get offended and disappointed often if you dream of intestines, then you are to take responsibility for your actions if you dream of washed and dried ones, then you are to succeed and progress, after trying so hard and rightfully so if you dream of the intestines of a slaughtered animal, then you will learn the truth, which has been kept secret from you for a long time

Meaning for seeing intestines in your dreams

To dream of intestines represents unfortunate events leading to loss, failure, and adversity
Dreaming of intestines actually relates to your courage this body part symbolizes strength of will and the gumption to move on ahead in the face of adversity notice in the dream how you feel about the intestines are they strong and healthy, or weak?
To see intestines in your dream, signifies evil, disaster, and extreme misfortune