Dreaming about intoxicated

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if you dreamed of being intoxicated by alcohol, you are being warned that too much high living in low places will definitely lead to trouble slow down! a dream of guzzling booze also signifies feelings of insecurity if you dreamed of others being intoxicated, you will lose out when a loan is not repaid to you, but don’t worry it won’t matter that much to you
Dreams of intoxication signify your inability to have control over your actions or situations in your life
To dream that you are intoxicated means that you are losing your cool in some situations however, this dream may also suggest that you are now at a higher level of consciousness
To dream that you are intoxicated, foretells of illicit pleasures and desires .

Meaning for seeing intoxicated in your dreams

– intoxicated by his spirits: to experience joy and gladness; – be: your wealth increases.