Dreaming about iris

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iron in a dream is symbolic of strength and determination. however, at times its presence can also imply we are rigid and too stubborn in certain matters of our waking lives. as such, the dream is suggesting the dreamer needs to be more flexible. additional dream interpretation… iron, with respect to a clothes iron, can imply we are concerned with how we present ourselves socially.
Dreaming of iris is a good symbol it represents courage, harmony and insight the dream is telling you to open your eyes and help out because you have the power to do so
Whether indoors or out, these beautiful blooms seen in a dream predict contentment and prosperity
To dream you pick or give iris, means you will suffer because you are proud

Meaning for seeing iris in your dreams

To dream of an iris signifies intelligence, unwavering faith, and courage
An iris is a spring flower that symbolizes several very positive and uplifting conditions in japan, it is believed that the iris has the power to purify the body and protect the household from disease and evil iris is also a god in greek mythology she is a messenger that represents the link between heaven and earth and between gods and men this is a very interesting and specific dream symbol in order to figure out what it means to you personally, consider your current needs do you have a need for purification and safety or are you looking for inspiration?
To see an iris in your dream, represents the mystery of life you future is unpredictable with many surprises