Dreaming about jackpot

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if you won it yourself, be prepared for a period of hard work with small reward if you saw someone else win it, you can expect to gain something you want with less effort than you anticipate
If you are dreaming of a jackpot you will probably be born an heir however this occurs of after many problems
To dream of hitting the jackpot is an indication of a wonderful idea burgeoning within your unconscious mind to dream of lights flashing and coins flowing onto the floor suggests that you have all the ingredients necessary to create an abundant and enjoyable life to dream of a casino or gambling hall filled with the sound of other people’s jackpots going off implies an underlying fear of lack even though your life may be rich with abundance
Dreaming of winning the jackpot can symbolize financial insecurities at the same time it is your intuition reassuring you that everything will work out you may wake up disappointed that the dream was not true, but why not enjoy its subtle message of abundance? perhaps you are missing all the little miracles of life by being overly focused on material rewards the fact that everything always works out should be the real jackpot you discover in the message of this dream