Dreaming about jade

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dreaming of a beautiful jade set in gold foretells that you will be asked to contribute to some relief fund. buying a rare piece of jade in a dream means that you will have visitors from another city.
Jade is a great dream symbol it represents peace, development and progress of you and your character
This lovely stone predicts prosperity and/or protection against adverse influences
Dreaming of jade and ornaments of jade, then you’re ahead of major financial success or a no strings attached love affair

Meaning for seeing jade in your dreams

To dream of jade signifies health restoration, immortality, and the search for truth it also means that you should enhance your skills and enrich your personality
To see jade in your dream, indicates healing powers, immortality, and truth additionally, it also represents growth, shaping and development of your personality
Dreaming of a jade stone can symbolize being jaded or classifying experience too much on the idea of negativity since it is also green, it can represent both the idea of hardness in thinking and how loosening up can lead to rebirth jade is also a precious stone associated with aspects within that should be given value a jade necklace can embody the idea of recognizing your power to make experience the result of your attitude since it is a green stone, it can also symbolize a commitment to heal yourself