Dreaming about jaguar

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to dream of one of these tiger-like south american animals is a warning to beware of some catty woman*s slanderous tongue.
Dreaming that you see a jaguar, suggests sad news of something about someone close to you to dream that you kill or see a dead jaguar, suggests that the feelings of your man will be the same, they may cease to love you
To dream of a jaguar indicates uncanny speed, mounting energy, and supremacy
To see a jaguar in your dream, represents speed, agility, and power

Meaning for seeing jaguar in your dreams

The jaguar is an animal of prey that is associated with darkness and can personify defense mechanisms you might consider whether you are using passive aggressive tendencies in your approach as a feline, it can show aspects of the unconscious that are leading you to hide your real intentions and patterns in thinking that are undermining your ability to find fulfillment the behavior of the jaguar can demonstrate how your thinking is making you hide at the same time that these tendencies can spring out ‘to bite you ‘ its message is to let go of fear and become more forthright about what you need