Dreaming about jail

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if you dream that you are in jail, you are feeling suffocated in a relationship or situation. if you dream your crush is in jail, it is a signal that this person is deceitful and untrustworthy. also see arrested.
To be in jail in a dream reflects feelings of being stuck or imprisoned in a dead end job or relationship it may also reflect negative feelings that you cannot escape, such as depression a jail can also represent feelings of punishment you may feel as if you?ve been put in the doghouse unfairly, and you can?t get out or advance yourself you may feel pigeonholed in your career or unforgiven in a relationship identify where you feel stuck in waking life, because your dream reflects a desire to be set free
Jail symbolizes your heart and emotions specifically it means that you suppress your feelings (keep them captive) and do not share them with others the logic behind the action is that if people cannot get close they cannot hurt your feelings over time you can become so good at suppressing your feelings that you do not even acknowledge them to yourself for example, a dream where a woman reluctantly releases you from jail means that you are reluctant to open up or share your feelings with others
To see others in jail, you will be urged to grant privileges to persons whom you believe to be unworthy for a young woman to dream that her lover is in jail, she will be disappointed in his character, as he will prove a deceiver see gaol
Guilty as charged! dreaming of being in jail indicates that someone has caught you doing wrong otherwise it means that you feel trapped in a situation in your life
An obstacle dream if you escaped or were released, your difficulties will be short term; otherwise, you may have a long, tough struggle if your dream featured others in jail, it signifies freedom from worry
Feelings of entrapment, no possibility of escape
To dream that you sleep in jail, suggests that you may be sick dreaming that you run from jail, suggests that events in your life will thrive dreaming that you stray away from jail, indicates that you will stand to gain or lose much dreaming that you see a prisoner, means you will have good friends and associates

Meaning for seeing jail in your dreams

To dream of jail involving your lover indicates that this person is not to be trusted jail dreams involving yourself indicate that you are feeling restricted and need increased freedom in your life jail dreams involving acquaintances indicates that you may give something to an undeserving person jail dreams involving children indicate concern over the child and their welfare
A jail may indicate that you’re feeling restricted or confined and fear being punished or you may believe that you should be punished dreaming of being a jailer suggests the desire to control others or to gain more control of your own life some people claim that jail dreams refer to a past life who was your jailer? do you know him in this life?
A jail may indicate that you´re feeling restricted or confined and fear being punished or you may believe that you should be punished dreaming of being a jailer suggests the desire to control others or to gain more control of your own life
To dream that your lover is in jail, signifies that this lover is deceitful and untrustworthy to dream that you are in jail, signifies your feelings of confinement and suffocation to dream that others are in jail, signifies your unsettled feeling to grant privileges to an unworthy person to dream that children are in jail, signifies negligence and worry
Being in jail in a dream can mean several things on one hand, you may feel unjustly accused of something or limited in some way the jail can also symbolize your own sense of self condemnation it can personify a type of guilt that has trapped your free expression visiting someone in jail can be a way of exploring what this person represents for you an old partner can symbolize the power of self acceptance you have given to them, which is currently restrained a parent can personify self limiting ideas that you adopted from them the jail suggests that some aspect of your free and self assured behavior is currently ‘locked up ‘