Dreaming about jaw

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dreaming of one*s jaw portends a humiliating experience, but another*s jaw is a sign of a rise in salary.
Relentless anger willpower you have conquered initial difficulties but you are having disagreement with lover
The jaw of an animal in your dream represents confusion and misinterpretation on the other hand it implies that someone or something is taking a lot out of you
To dream of a broken jaw, suggests that emotional problems are to come dreaming that you are in pain because of your jaw, predicts that you will hurt, as you are betrayed dreaming of large jaws, signifies that your relatives are affected very much and they are very important to you to dream of the jaws of an animal, predicts that you are to make a mistake in love to dream of clenched jaws, suggests that you will incur old problems

Meaning for seeing jaw in your dreams

To dream that you are in the jaws of an animal signifies a threat to your happiness due to failed relationships and hasty judgment to see your own jaw in your dream represents your stubbornness, persistence, and forcefulness you may have need to be more purposeful in your approach to dream that your jaws are tight indicate ill feelings and bottled emotions to dream that you break or dislocate your jaw suggests that you are allowing yourself to be swayed by your emotions rather than adhering to your principles
To dream that you are in the jaws of an animal, signifies misunderstandings and hasty judgments, which may threaten your happiness to see your own jaw in your dream, represents your stubbornness, determination and forcefulness you may need to have more willpower and fortitude in some situation to dream that your jaws are tight, indicates unexpressed angers and other powerful feelings which you are holding back
The jaw is the part of the mouth that enables you to chew as a dream symbol, the jaw can symbolize chewing on difficulty so that you can digest or assimilate its lesson often associated with unprocessed or unexpressed anger, the jaw can be a symbol that appears when you need to stand up for yourself see anatomy and body parts