Dreaming about jesus

If you saw jesus in your dream, refers to that your greatest desires and goals will be realized. This dream serves to console and strengthen you in your times of adversity, hardship and struggle. You will rise above any situation and circumstance and become victorious. having a dream that jesus speaks to you or that you are praying with him, indicates that you will be blessed with true peace of mind, joy and contentment.
Mental aspect of the self. Perfection. Are you asking too much of yourself. A healing part of your human psyche. The higher self - creative, positive. Also see jesus in dream motifs. See the lost teachings of jesus.
Fortitude and consolation in adversity are forecast in a dream of jesus.
Jesus is a common archetype that allows you to explore the traits you have associated with him. He can be an image of patience and forgiveness at the same time that he can personify the idea of personal sacrifice. How you feel by observing this archetype can allow you to understand why he is appearing in your dream. This side of you can be awakening as you actualize your nonmaterial ideals. See wise man under archetypes and universal characters.

Similar dreams:

  • jesus christ
  • ...thrive in your profession; fulfillment of wishes if worship an image of our crucified lord jesus christ, kiss it – you will find joy and fulfillment of your request. comfort if see images of the
  • easter
  • ... worries and the celebration of some joyous event. a new mental beginning, e regeneration, jesus christ's resurrection after his death and burial. dreaming you celebrate easter, means your health,
  • resurrection
  • ...essed or dealt with in the first place. the promise of a new spiritual beginning, paid for by jesus christ. dreaming you wake, means you will start a new period in your life, to achieve a successful new
  • christmas
  • ...ecember 25 (with alternative days of january 6, 7 and 19.) to commemorate the birth of jesus, the central figure of christianity. the exact birthday of jesus is not known, and historians place
  • cup
  • ...ell as what we are beyond those fears or self judgements as in the new testament where jesus asks that the cup be taken from him, the cup can show what we face in life and in our feelings at this
  • paralysed paralysis
  • ...ession we can also be paralysed by sense of guilt, sense of inadequacy, or ignorance when jesus healed the paralysed man he said thy sins are forgiven thee this advises the paralysis arose from a
  • aura
  • ...nce heard celestial songs and his aura was all white awoke feeling like the person had been jesus as a result of this dream, had a pain in my head for several days afterward are dream the last example
  • fish
  • consciousness it was widely believed that this symbol resulted from the greek acronym for \"jesus christ, son of god \" but there is also the fact that the coming of jesus ushered in the age of pisces

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