Dreaming about journal

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look at what is written in the journal and see how it relates to your waking life if you write or read a journal it symbolizes that you wish you could go back in history and alter things so you could do better on the other hand the dream could just mean that you are reminiscing if someone else is reading your journal without your permission then you are afraid someone finds out your secrets because you cannot relate well with others if you let someone read your journal it indicates you have let someone into your personal life which not many people know
Dreaming that you read a newspaper, means that you take bad news to dream you read the paper backwards, means what you hear on the news is false or complete information rather strained to dream you snarl at something in the newspaper, suggests you need to hide something from the curiosity of people around you to dream that you burn newspapers, indicates you should be very cautious with the people around you with their actions to dream of a short or twisting journal, means that you quarrel with a man
To dream of a journal suggests that you intend to change your past according to what is right and what you think should have happened take into consideration what is actually written in the journal and see if it is reflective of the actual events in your waking life additionally, it symbolizes memories and fragments of your past to dream that someone is reading your journal denotes long held secrets this also means that you find it hard to open yourself up to someone
To see or read a journal in your dream, suggests that you are trying to change or rewrite the past to suit your own needs consider what is written in the journal and how it is similar or dissimilar to actual events in your waking life alternatively, it symbolizes memories and history to dream that someone is reading your journal, indicates that you are keeping secrets you have difficulties telling others how you really feel