Dreaming about judgment

you want approval from others in order for you to progress the judgment in your dream is one which is required in your life
A dream of judgment is a dream in which you are balancing opposites this may simply represent a big decision you need to make in your life a dream of judgment may also indicate a desire to balance warring personality traits or opposed desires within yourself judgment in a dream signifies a need to balance your time spent with others or your time divided between work and home
A dream symbol for your own opinion in an important affair. Besides, your justice sense should be proved.
Judgment often indicates that you must compensate for conflicting parts of one^s personality to be relaxed again. Also, it can urge others not to condemn, but to seek a reconciliation that is fair for all involved parties. If you yourself falls an opinion, warns frequently about errors which can have difficult consequences.

Meaning for seeing judgment in your dreams

– Accounting with yourself or the environment, depending on who is a judge or defendant; you can also be a judge and a defendant at the same time; hasty preparations for a journey over land, causes by the luck of a friend; – You make a decision in the dream: you are wrong in a thing, and the other is right; – You are dreaming that you get one: tells about restless days as a result of an uncertainty; – You hear a judgment: some trouble is to be mastered and you have to deal with some inconveniences; – In the dream you hear the reading judgment: you should not do injustice to anybody; – You hear the judgment to death or life imprisonment: you will be involved in a little bit dubious affairs and this costs your good reputation.
– To hear: watch out for a damage; – In the dream you make one: you are quarrelsome; you run in danger to do something injustice; – You are dreaming that you are reading: the jug goes so long well, until it breaks, this is also applies to you; watch out for bad company.
– In the dream you are sentenced: in the near future you should be very careful because people are staying close to you, which can inflict considerable damage; – You have judgment or you made on someone a judgment: you want to get rid of annoying people, you do not feel certain grown of competitors.