Dreaming about jupiter

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if you dream of jupiter it either symbolizes your creative and feminine energy also it suggests you want to venture off and broaden your outlook on life
To dream of the planet jupiter stands for victory, optimism, generosity, and lavishness
(zeus) greek god zeus and the roman god jupiter are one and the same zeus is the god of gods he is the creator of day, thunder and lightning, the seasons and is the “sky god ” zeus holds supreme power and his decisions are not questioned as he is the father of gods and men he represents external order and authority his wisdom, power and sense of fairness supports the structure of the ancient greek and roman universe jupiter, or zeus, is a “good father” that provides the opportunity for growth, development, prosperity and health jupiter, as a planet, has a central position among the other planets in the solar system mercury, venus, earth and mars are on one side and saturn, uranus, neptune and pluto on the other astrologically, jupiter represents balance, organization, abundance and optimism if you are down on your luck or a bit disorganized, this dream may be calling for awareness of supportive internal and external forces our dreams often compensate for what is lacking in daily life in this way, dreams attempt to balance the psyche thus, dreaming of jupiter is reassuring and invites the dreamer to access the power in his own psyche and to embrace a positive attitude jupiter is a reminder that there is an order to the universe that provides us with an opportunity to have a prosperous, balanced and joyful life
To see jupiter in your dream, symbolizes success, optimism generosity, and extravagance

Meaning for seeing jupiter in your dreams

Because the ancients tied benevolent events with the appearance of this planet jupiter has associations with grace, charity and positive or productive expansion this planet also has a special significance to spiritual seekers who will have this type of dream as the activation of the buddha/christ/wise one archetype within them associated with jove, jehovah and zues, jupiter can also relate to issues with the father and whether or not one feels protected and cared for by the father whether or not you understand astrology, the planet seems to emanate abundance because perhaps, of its size dreaming of traveling to jupiter can be a message about expansion and can portray steps you are taking in becoming more giving of yourself