Dreaming about keepsake

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a keepsake is an object used to remember the past dreaming of it suggests that you are looking back at the past and realizing what youve been through and how youve gotten to the point you are at now you have learnt to accept and show affection
It is an omen of good luck to dream of giving a keepsake, but if you dreamed of being given one, it is a warning against allowing a trivial family argument to be magnified into a serious quarrel don’t be stubborn
To dream of a keepsake may be a subconscious suggestion to hold onto items you might be about to throw away it is also a reminder that your past has helped create your present, and that your present will play an important part in your future witnessing your thoughts at this time may help you attract experiences that you will treasure
A dream with some form of keepsake represents your loving and giving nature it also symbolizes romance