Dreaming about ketchup

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to season your food with tomato ketchup is a sign that you will be kept guessing by a handsome and intriguing person of the opposite sex.
The dream serves as a metaphor meaning you need to catch up you are far behind and need to start paying more attention to what needs to be done in your life
An intriguing new friend of the opposite sex is predicted in a dream featuring ketchup
To dream you eat or prepare ketchup, means you will meet an intriguing personality of the opposite sex to dream there is mess of ketchup, suggests you meet with a new acquaintance

Meaning for seeing ketchup in your dreams

To dream of ketchup indicates a feeling of boredom that may be pervading your waking life spilling ketchup suggests the need for a change in attitude and the development of gratitude for what you already have
To dream of ketchup signifies a certain element of sweetness in your life that you’ve been ignoring possibly, you’ve been too hard on someone close to you learn to open up to this person, and your life will be better for it