Dreaming about kick

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to dream of kicking someone demonstrates the dreamer?s capacity to assume control of external life variables. to dream of being kicked suggest the individual is susceptible to playing the ?victim?.
Dreaming about kicking someone symbolizes you are kicking someone down which you may not realize in your life you are attacking that persons reputation or you just feel frustrated with that person
A fairly straightforward dream symbol to be kicked, by man or beast, portends anxiety caused by strong competition but if you did the kicking, you can expect an improvement in your conditions and/or position
To dream that you kick someone, suggests impending victory if you dream you get kicked, means that you will have a loss

Meaning for seeing kick in your dreams

To dream of a kick represents a release of pent up energy this energy may be used for good, such as kicking a winning goal if you focus your skill and plan ahead you will meet success your energy may also be dangerous, such as kicking in anger it is important to recognize the type of energy which you are holding back and determine the best way to control and focus this energy toward a beneficial path
A dream featuring a kick can symbolize lack of motivation if you kick someone in a dream then it implies that you are facing some kind of stress in your life, and if someone kicks you then it suggests that you are victimized by others or someone