Dreaming about kidnap

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experiencing being kidnapped in a dream is our unconscious making us aware that we are being held captive by our own ?demons?. if the dreamer is kidnapping someone else, the person is likely attempting to assume some quality of the person they are abducting.
If you were kidnapped in your dream, you are likely to be embarrassed by the company you have been keeping; a change of companions would probably be beneficial however, if you did the kidnapping, you are being warned to guard your valuables against theft or loss, and if you’ve already done that, then be sure your insurance is in order to dream of a kidnapping in which you were not personally involved is a sign of sudden important changes in the future
A dream featuring a kidnapping implies that you are facing concern or issues that you have not dealt with fully yet to kidnap someone in a dream suggests you are being demanding or having an influence on someone in your waking life
Being kidnapped shows how you may be allowing your real nature to be ‘kidnapped’ by fear or the pressure of others the threat of being abducted by aliens and ufos is a common dream theme arising from peer pressure or doing things that go against your sense of self being threatened by a sinister character can portray the shadow (also see shadow under archetypes and universal characters ) the shadow represents the unacknowledged but powerful part of your nature that you are not allowing to have expression some part of you follows or stalks you and attempts to ‘break in’ to consciousness in a sense, you are ‘kidnapping’ yourself or repressing some aspect of your real self being kidnapped by anything portrays the internal conflict created when one side of you is evolving, yet is blocked by your more ingrained or critical nature from the pressure of conformity you may dream of being kidnapped any time you feel developmental pressure of this type