Dreaming about kidnapper

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dreaming that you are a kidnapper indicates that you are stealing others ideas, time or just latching on to something that needs to be thrown out if you dream that you are being kidnapped suggests that you feel someone or some circumstance is in your way of attaining your ambitions you cannot seem to get loose of the person or escape the situation
To dream of being kidnapped symbolizes that you feel your freedom is being threatened you need to remain calm and focused on your goals, despite someone attempting to deter or distract you a dream in which someone you know is kidnapped indicates that the person possesses qualities that you are choosing not to display yourself kidnapping another person in a dream denotes that you are unfairly and forcibly holding on to something in your life this may be as simple as your observations or outlooks
To see a kidnapper taking his victim shows that you will soon have some sudden, very important changes in your life if you are the one who is being kidnapped, you will find yourself in a very embarrassing situation, but if you are the kidnapper, you must guard your finances and your assets against theft
To dream that you are being kidnapped, denotes feelings of being trapped and restricted someone or some situation may be diverting your concentration and your attention away from your goals to dream that someone has been kidnapped, indicates that you are not letting aspects and characteristics of that person be expressed within you you are trying to contain and/or suppress those qualities of the kidnapped person to dream that you are a kidnapper, signifies that you are holding on to something that you need to let go you may be forcing your views and opinions on others