Dreaming about landing

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a landing is a location you walk briefly through to get to where you are going in dreams it symbolizes transition you are not yet where you need to be
If you dream of anything landing it represents a situation that you thought was going crazy and out of your power, you now manage
Whether in connection with a plane, boat or ship, a safe landing signifies a solid and satisfying achievement
If you are landing with a thud, you will have problems with sex if you are landing smoothly and gradually, everything will work out fine, no need to worry about anything if you see an airplane landing, you are about to finish something

Meaning for seeing landing in your dreams

To dream of an aircraft landing represents a successful completion of a trip or an activity perhaps you felt shaken by circumstances in your life, but now have reestablished control of the situation
Dreaming of landing in an airplane, for example, indicates the dreamer’s wish to finish a current project successfully if the landing goes well, it’s a good indication that it will