Dreaming about landscape

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when you dream of a variety of landscapes it signifies the stage in life that you reached the view and how it relates to your life depends on how you view yourself and the world the dream could represent a relationship or not being satisfied with your situation in life, pay attention to if you were by yourself and what your thoughts were in freudian terms, a landscape dream symbolizes the human body in the waking life if the landscape is very dry and infertile it represents this about frustration and unhappiness with love or lack of it in your life on the other hand, if the landscape is green and flowers are blossoming with trees everywhere it implies satisfaction and contentment with your life
The meaning of this dream depends on your reaction to the landscape if it struck you as being beautiful or pleasing, it signifies bright future prospects but if it was ugly or unpleasant in any way, you must be prepared to sit out a season of dissatisfaction
To dream that you paint landscapes, signifies that you ignored important issues that you needed to tackle and that you may run from your problems to dream of a nice landscape, predicts that you will have a joyful experience and good days
To dream of various landscapes symbolizes your current standing in life or relationships this provides appreciation and recognition for the vital role you play in the community according to sigmund freud, the landscape represents the human body to dream of seeing ever changing landscapes represents psychological transitions or emotional advancement it stands for different phases in your life then again, your dream may be a reminder for you to consider other points of view recall the important elements in the landscape and consider their corresponding symbolism and representations

Meaning for seeing landscape in your dreams

To dream of various landscapes in your dream, represents where you are in your life or in your relationships how do you see yourself with respect to the rest of the world and those around you? according to freud, the landscape symbolizes the human body to dream of ever changing landscapes, indicates psychological transitions or emotional progress it represents the various stages in your life alternatively, it may be offering you various viewpoints in looking at the same idea or situation consider the symbolism of key elements in the landscape