Dreaming about language

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if you dream that you are studying a language, or speaking a foreign language, you are having difficulties expressing your thoughts
When you dream of learning a language it implies that you do not know how to get your ideas or expressions across you are trying different approaches with new and strange things but soon you would get used to it
To dream you learn a new language, means you will be able to handle a difficult profession or intricate situation to dream that you learn other languages in your sleep, means your friend will make compromises for you to dream you speak jargon, indicates your friends will be angry to dream someone speaks jargon to you, suggests you were fighting with their families will be isolated from them to dream of language, means health and expected longevity to dream that your tongue is short and fat, means to expect profits to dream that there is no language, means to expect the sweet talk and conversations with a favorite person
To dream that you are studying a language indicates your difficulties in articulating and expressing your thoughts to dream of hearing foul language predicts that you will be caught in a compromising and extremely awkward situation

Meaning for seeing language in your dreams

Hearing another language spoken indicates a desire to meet more people and, perhaps, to travel to foreign lands it also signifies an open heart& 8212;you’re ready for love