Dreaming about laptop

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if you dream of a computer, pay careful attention to the other symbols in your dream the computer is saying “put the pieces together to understand the overall meaning ” also, if you use a computer a lot during your waking life for work or play, your dream could be telling you to get outside more and take a break from the screen if you dream of someone hacking into your computer, there is a sense that your privacy is being invaded you may be overwhelmed and have the feeling that you are at the mercy of another also see “computer game”, “computer virus” and “computer mouse “
When you dream of a laptop it symbolizes that you should stop hiding, keep in touch with people if your laptop is missing it means that you depend on others too much, you are not confident in yourself stop worrying, you do not need other people to help you move forward!
To dream that you worked with another laptop, suggests you will cooperate with a good partner to dream your laptop is at work, suggests you will have a good performance and respectable income dreaming you see a laptop, indicates a lot of work or momentary daunting dreaming of a damaged laptop, suggests you will have setbacks or obstacles in your job dreaming that you buy a laptop, means you’ll start a new period in your life and will change journeys
To dream of seeing or using a laptop indicates the necessity of exploring other means to clearly communicate your thoughts and feeling to other people

Meaning for seeing laptop in your dreams

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