Dreaming about laxative

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a laxative gives you a cleansing dreaming of taking a laxative symbolizes your desire to get rid of certain feelings in side of you
To dream that you had to take a laxative predicts that you will be called on to perform a difficult duty that will, however, be to your eventual credit if your dream concerned administering a laxative, it signifies a gain where you expected a loss
To dream of a laxative symbolizes the need to release yourself from the emotional hurt you have been nursing it also means you have to let go of doubts and suspicions purify your body and soul
Taking laxatives and may experience diarrhea (in the dream), shows often that you want to get rid of unpleasant memories, experiences and feelings, because they hinder your life. You should take this notice seriously and always fathom what this dream was suggesting, in part behind it is also a mental illness.

Meaning for seeing laxative in your dreams

The unconscious gives you a warning that you should eliminate harmful things out of your body, shed or psychologically oppressive endeavor in waking life to the improvement of a muddled situation.
– the bitter can not be avoided, but promises to improve the situation.