Dreaming about leaf

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see “leaves, below
Green leaves signify abundance, good health and happiness, but wilted or dry leaves are a warning that you will have to cope with malicious competition falling leaves predict a parting from friends; leaves blowing in the wind forecast family squabbles; and leaves on a stem with fruit or blossoms are a sign of approaching money
The leaf signifies the things that grow and fall to the ground from the tree of your beliefs a dream that focuses on a leaf can suggest learning to let go it may also have associations with care and pruning see tree and gardener
A leaf in the dream represents a time of growth or time itself. Leaf (the tree) symbolizes above all feelings, thoughts and other mental processes in ourselves, depending on whether it sprouts, fully formed, faded or fallen off, there is information on whether these parts of the psyche in the making or misdemeanors. Among other things, one can derive the following meanings: – sprouting leaves indicate burgeoning needs and aspirations that have good chances of success. – Green leaves are a sign of hope and new opportunities and confirm that you will reach the goal of your desires. – Wilted leaves symbolize a period of mourning and unproductive or fall. – Colorful, wilted or dead leaves to warn of disappointments, failures and sorrows or to the dying in our hopes, feelings and thoughts embody, from which we must say goodbye. – Whirling blades can be a warning sign that says that one is inwardly become untenable, has lost its way and the right way. – Many papers (for example, a pile of leaves) represent the diversity of thoughts and ideas.
If you look at his life in retrospect as a whole, leaves can give advice in a dream to a certain stage of life. – Perhaps at a time that was meaningful and creative. Most of them are like the road, part of the tree of life. – Fresh leaves suggest therefore points to a healthy life. – We look wilted in the dream, the unconscious makes us aware of a weak spot in our psychic economy, to disappointment, we need to get over. – Also falling leaves are a sign that we must do something to regain our mental balance.
Leaves symbolize fertility and growth. Because each leaf is unique, the dream can be interpreted as an indication of the beauty of creation.

Meaning for seeing leaf in your dreams

– to see green leaf in a dream: success in business, fulfilling a desire; new ideas; – pick nice ones: good news; – see drop: disappointment, sickness and suffering, evil, misfortune, may also meet the members; – colorful, withered: disappointment in love, defeats, losses, death of a friend.
Hindu – green: a desire you will be satisfied; – fading: in later life you want to be without worry, so save now; – falling: one should wish any harm other people; – lying on the ground: your late age will be without worries.
– green for trees: indicate health and happiness; – green look: joy; – are seen: dangerous disease; – dry and withered: disease, poverty and despair.