Dreaming about leech

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to dream of leeches, foretells that enemies will run over your interests doomed for disappointment
A dream featuring these repulsive bloodsuckers predicts that you will have an unexpected demand on your resources, but don’t worry, the strain will be temporary
A dream featuring this repulsive bloodsucker predicts that you are likely to have an unexpected demand on your resources but don’t get depressed; the strain will be temporary
To dream of a leech, suggests that you will have financial damage, outlay that you had not imagined but you will have good health
Leeches are superficially trivial, taken as a warning against false friends, of whom we sucked; is. Since leeches are used in medicine, indicated they occasionally as an indication of impending disease or a speedy recovery from illness.
This is not just popular animal is almost always a symbol of understand the disgust with your own bodies.

Meaning for seeing leech in your dreams

– to see leechs in a dream: enemies trample on your interests; – look on others: signs of illness or problems with friends; – see from a medical point: for the sick recover, for healthy disease; – when they bite: danger lurks where you least expect it.
Hindu .
– Your greed will bring you nothing but harm, beware of usurers.