Dreaming about left

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if you have a dream that strongly features the left side of something, or taking a left turn or direction, it means you will achieve all your goals if you persevere, even though you will encounter minor obstacles on the way if you are a right handed person but you dream of being left handed, you may face an awkward personal situation or a dangerous rival if you actually are left handed, the dream is a good omen of better luck ahead dreams that strongly feature your left hand (using it or looking at it) predict frustrations and minor difficulties
Being left behind in your dream signifies your emotions about being neglected you may feel that you are not good enough but if you truly are not good enough then find something where you could utilise your abilities better if you let go of something or someone then it represents your move forward and letting go of the past
If your dream featured the left side of anything, or a left turn or direction, it is telling you not to be discouraged by a temporary setback; persevere and you will ultimately attain your goal a dream of being left handed if you are not indicates an awkward personal situation or a dangerous rival; but if you are actually left handed, the dream predicts better times ahead
Dreaming you left something, means you will do something unreasonable, make a wrong move or your choice will be influenced by bad advice
To dream of the direction left signifies your repressed thoughts and emotions it speaks of the early signs of meekness
A dream featuring the left side of something, such as the left side of your body represents your passive and creative side

Meaning for seeing left in your dreams

To dream of the direction left, symbolizes the unconscious and your repressed thoughts/emotions it is an indication of passivity
The idea of the left side of anything in a dream will have associations with something that has not been tried before or something different than what you normally do since the ‘right’ is the accepted path, going ‘left’ shows a new way or new approach ‘the road not taken ‘ see also arriving and leaving and placement and perspective