Dreaming about leprechaun

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help from unexpected, or even unknown, sources will be yours if you dreamed of these magical characters however, it may involve mischief
When you dream of a leprechaun it indicates you would soon have a lucky streak, you are going to get where you want very easily keep striving for what you want and do not worry it would pay off in the end if you are a leprechaun it means you have some witty ways about you but in the end you help others while doing things out of the norm you have a bit of fun with people before you show the good side to the situation
If you dream of a leprechaun, expect a pleasant surprise that will be your old dreams coming true
To dream of a leprechaun signifies awards and benefits that will soon be yours as a result of your persistence, hard work, and loyalty on the other hand, you are easily enticed to enter into ventures which promise easy money and fast return of investment to dream that you are a leprechaun refers to your mischievous side