Dreaming about lie

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if someone is calling you a liar in your dream, you need to be careful because someone is going to use you then bring you down if you are lying in your dream it implies that you are not using your instincts to think clearly, you are only misleading yourself in the end if your dream of someone else being a liar it symbolizes your knowledge of deceit with someone or someone that person represents in your life you have already decided in your mind that you cannot trust that person
If you dreamed that you told lies, you can expect to have trouble due to your own foolish behavior but if your dream featured others telling lies, it predicts help from an unexpected source
To dream that you lie, predicts you will benefit from older people to dream that another person lies, means you should be drawing on the experience and knowledge of your relatives
To dream that someone is lying to you suggests acceptance and accomplishment consider that this dream may be a pun for ‘getting laid ‘ *also see liar