Dreaming about lift

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A lift can indicate a number of things due to its small space, lack of windows and claustrophobic atmosphere, it can indicate your womb or being in your mother^s womb.
A dream of lifting someone or being lifted by another person predicts happiness and personal prestige.
Dreaming you had a life (ride), means you will receive help from an unexpected place to dream of lifting sometime, suggests your job is on the rise to dream a lift is open, means you will have more freedom of action and you will strictly monitor and control your every step.
Lift (elevator) indicates that we wish to come up quickly and easily and solve problems fast, but that will be successful only, if we exerts more. If lift bring us in the dream to a higher floor, we are likely to rise with assistance, but those, who travels with him down quickly, do not have enough requirements for rising right now. If the lift take us to the basement, is indicated for in the waking state, we may need even to check our feelings, it might be shocking, if these feelings come to light.
Lift is similar dream symbols as the ladder and the stairs, and lift also is a sign of transformation processes. However, this change does not happen on its own. If dreamer in lift or elevator moves fast and weightless, then this dream interpretation is same as flying. This may be a sign of overconfidence and ideas that do not correspond to reality. If dreamer go up in lift, then it reflects the wish of the dreamer for success and self-affirmation. When the elevator gets stuck in a dream, this is a sign of a disturbance in the personality development of the dreamer or inferiority feelings. If the elevator goes down and the dreamer felt uncomfortable, then in this dream can be expressed fears for the future.
– In general lift or elevator: you must be careful; – Go to the top: success can be expected; – To stuck in lift: it is threatened by problems in the advancement of inferiority on your life; – To go down with lift: professional burglary and fear of the future; – To crash: an impending disaster or accident.

Meaning for seeing lift in your dreams

– To see lift or lifts in dream: you want to come up easily and quickly, which will not succeed; – To go up: success is likely; – To go down: the success is doubtful; – To look into someone, who is in lift: someone will be comforted;
– To be in lift with strangers: you will experience a promotion.