Dreaming about lipstick

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to dream that you see a woman using a lipstick in a public place is a portent of defeat of struggle. you will be the butt of a practical joke if you dream of seeing a man use lipstick.
Lipstick in a dream represents sensuality if you dream your rival is wearing lipstick and you aren’t, you may fear she is going to win over you in a romantic situation if you dream that you put on lipstick, you are growing confident in your female powers putting on lipstick can also mean masking communication, so dreaming of someone else putting on lipstick suggests they may be keeping some information or truth from you to dream of buying lipstick at a store is very lucky the more you buy, the luckier you will be in real life
To dream that someone has lipstick, means that you will know truth that will hurt you to dream that someone wears lipstick, indicates that you will betray or deceive to dream that you use, buy or see a lipstick, predicts that you are not unjustly or unfairly received
To dream of lipstick signifies a side of your personality that is masked, elusive, and mysterious

Meaning for seeing lipstick in your dreams

To buy, see, or wear lipstick in your dream, suggests that you are not entirely truthful about something