Dreaming about loan

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to dream you get to borrow money, indicates your problems will be worse to dream of lending, means you can count on assistance or support in any financial difficulty to dream you talk to a loan expert, suggests someone will be confused at work
To dream that you need a loan represents your concerns about money and everything related to your finances another possible interpretation is that you are so self reliant that the dream is urging you to open yourself up and accept love, help, and support from family and friends
To dream that you need a loan, signifies your worry over money matters alternatively, you may be too self reliant and your dream is telling you that it is okay to ask for help and lean on the support from friends and family
The old dream books in their practical wisdom say that you lose friends when you take out a loan. There is one other but even then you are about to make enemies financial obligations can quickly lead to death at any friendship.