Dreaming about lose loss

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Lose (for example, money) has contrary meaning in the dream, you will achieve success and profit.
If you lose something in the dream, you should pay attention to the subject which gets in loss, and point to other further details. Mostly losing implies the indication to a mental weakness.
– You lose something:a profit; you will find something or discover really interesting things; also: difficulties in your way; – In the dream you can not find shoes and other important items of clothing: very unfavorable, the difficulties caused by your own actions, you had held yourself too smart; – If a woman loses her wedding ring, this is a sign for domestic annoyance and troubles.
– In the dream you lost something: luck and profit.

Meaning for seeing lose loss in your dreams

– Your dream is about losing something: you^ll have vain efforts; – In the dream you suffer from financial losses: if you are concerned, you will be able to reach a huge success; – In the dream you lose a person which is really important to you: you ought to act selfless and your fellowmen opposite to show more consideration and respect.