Dreaming about lose weight

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Wasting other people proclaimed their own future prosperity. If one looks even lose weight, he may soon grief and sorrow to a live off; or you get to feel envy and jealousy of false friends. Their own arguments on a particular issue is quite thin;. But maybe you have the symbolic lean; years behind him and soon takes to its reputation. Pay attention to something you want the unconscious, if it deceives you the picture of your complete strangers gaunt people, then maybe it will show you that there is another much worse than you are thinking, while your wealth is secured.
Symbol of its own, mostly psychological loss of substance. One sees oneself in a dream, becoming thinner and thinner, wants to do as little space; to be overlooked and hardly perceived to be so you remain spared from further efforts and expectations. (For that I am now too weak anyway;). But who really suffers from obesity, in a banal dreams: to finally meet the beauty ideal.
– Displays adversity; – see other: will be advantageous, but grudges; – lose weight while others see: you gain benefits at the expense of others, you will acquire wealth soon; – lose weight themselves or see losing weight: threaten loss, strife, sorrow and envious friends, health problems; – to see being thicker: a sign of coming prosperity.
– Nothing good does it mean when the body is emaciated, or a single body part, with the exception of the female tongue. – Dreams of which is good with meat, if he had grown thin, everything going to be wrong on work and profesion. – If a single part of the body lost weight, the dream according to the meaning of that body part will go for it in performance; dreams of the emperor, that his legs become thin, which suggests to his manservant. The hands point to the most trusted servant, a poor on whose livelihood. The legs and feet mean the emperor or a prince senior private secretary, a poor man^s livelihood. – Every body part that is bursting, strong and good for meat means a good thing according to yourer lationship with these people.