Dreaming about loss

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losing anything in a dream is an unfortunate augury unless you find it again. the loss of reputation portends sickness and death.
This is usually a type of obstacle dream, and its meaning must be related to the article lost and whether you eventually found it if you lost something of great value, the dream is warning you that if you try to be too sharp, you can end up by cutting yourself
To dream you have lost something precious in your dream, suggests you are mad/angry
To dream of losing something in a dream often means that your unconscious is working out the loss of something very real in your waking life what is it you feel you’re parting with? is it a healthy thing or something you actually still need? the thing in question in the dream is often not literal& 8212;you use substitutions for the actual lost object, relationship, or opportunity
The visions in the dream of loss frequently appear after the death of loved people. However, they can also appear if they are about the loss of less tangible things like, love or respect or even self-esteem. If the dreamer has lost something in his dream, this can also mean that he has forgotten things which could be important. This can be a chance, a friend or a way of thinking, something what has maintained him earlier. If the dreamer suffers from a loss, this refers the fact that now a part of him or his life is dead, and he must learn to handle with it.
It takes away the energy from you. In the dream this situation appears mostly with real fears of loss. If the dreamer lost the way or got lost, this explains emotional, mental or also physical confusion. The ability or motivation to make decisions has lost him.

Meaning for seeing loss in your dreams

At the spiritual level the search for a lost subject embodies the striving for inspiration.
– You are dreaming that you loss a child: the plans soon will be thwarted because they will give only bad results; the frustration will be be behind you; the success is expected and the end in failures; – You loss relatives or friends: well prepared plans will fail; you have bad future prospects; – The loss of money: you will make a profit in a different area of life.