Dreaming about mafia

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if you dream of being in the mafia, you have a bad habit of using aggression to get what you want dreaming of being threatened or confronted by a mafia member, suggests that a situation in your waking life is making you feel overwhelmed and stressed
If you have a dream about the mafia make sure you didn^t watch a movie on it before you went to bed if you randomly dreamt of the mafia its means that there are people in your life that are controlling all your moves you need to feel more independent if you are in the mafia suggest that you can control others and use your power to get what you want though if you are in trouble with the mafia represents your greedy side you need to come clean and move away from the bad people who influence you in life
Dreaming of the mafia, means you are not satisfied with relations with your relatives and family relationships or personal life
To dream that you are a member of a mafia indicates that you are being taken advantage of by someone else it may also mean that you are manipulating people to dream that you come in contact with the mafia implies that you are facing emotional obstacles