Dreaming about magician

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a magician is a guide in a dream and as such his or her advice is infallible whatever he or she is trying to get you to do is something you need to do in reality magicians are masters of illusion and ask you to believe that nothing is impossible
Dreaming you see a magician, means you are to resume a previous intimate relationship or to meet an old friend
To see or dream that you are a magician implies that you are facing a situation that may be more complicated than you first thought perhaps you have been misled the dream may also indicate that you are attempting to persuade yourself or others of a false truth
To see a magician in your dream, signifies that an issue or a task at hand may be trickier than you had anticipated
The magician as an archetype that symbolizes being resourceful the dream is portraying you as the magician, so if you have been feeling stuck, the message is to trust in your abilities and be open to new ways of seeing old situations at the same time, the magician is a trickster, so you may be exploring illogical thought patterns or inconsistencies in thinking through the character that asks you to ‘defy logic ‘ if you dream of seeing a juggler or magician, you may be exploring the idea that the world you hold to be so solid and unchanging is about to reveal new possibilities
The magician in dream can have meaning of archetypal male power. It signals the proximity of a pure, great power. It reflects the strength against the shaman. The magician, however, is a figure with superhuman and magical powers. It may therefore be in a dream a warning to the dreamer, to keep himself not too powerful and not too important. It^s a magic out of him if he provided us with his tricks in the dream has. The magician tries to give us back the laughter that we had in the bustling everyday life and troubles already almost forgotten. He reminds us perhaps also the beautiful magic hours that will be repeated at some point. If you play as magician in dream, then you should better not hide a present situation.

Meaning for seeing magician in your dreams

Arabian – To see or communicate with him: beware of swindlers in eight; Also: predicts an unexpected event that life will change fundamentally; – Conjure yourself: one should voluntarily adopt a new way, because otherwise you never obtain satisfaction.
European – General: overconfidence, pending a miracle solution of a predicament or uncertainty; Also: unpleasant experiences you will make in search of prosperity and happiness; – To see magician: you will find a simple solution to a very difficult question; Also: you will have a big family, which is preparing an inconvenience; – For young people to see magician: is the loss and announced the dissolution of engagements; – To be a magician in dream: it will be possible to reach something in back way;; – To see magic tricks: a mystery will be solved & prosperity and happiness in the family; – To show magic tricks and others can see it: you will soon arrive at a situation from which you can free yourself only with the use of force.
Hindu – To see: you miss a fire.