Dreaming about mailbox

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to see a mailbox in your dream, represents important information that you are about to receive try to examine what meaning this dream may be trying to send you from your unconscious if the mailbox is full, then it indicates that you have not accepted these messages
Seeing a mailbox in your dream suggest that in the next couple or days or week you will be getting a very important message your unconscious mind is hinting at a message that cant be overlooked get as much information about the mailbox or if you see a letter inside who is it from?
A dream that you are a postman, means that they will load you with unprofitable work or a chore if you open a full mailbox in a dream, you will have unexpected revenues, a blank box is a sign of additional spending seeing a postman, means you will have a candidate for an associate or a marriage suitor you do not like if you send mail in your dream, then you are going to be getting good news
To dream of a mailbox foretells of some upcoming message, gift, or clue consider the contents of the package and what it is attempting to communicate to you if the mailbox is full, then it suggests that you should acknowledge these communications and understand them

Meaning for seeing mailbox in your dreams

A mailbox is a symbol of authority consequently, putting a letter in a mailbox may mean you are submitting to authority or feeling guilt over a particular matter
Since correspondence in a dream represents communication the mailbox can portray messages in the unconscious that are waiting to be retrieved if the mailbox is defective, the dream can suggest that you need to pay more attention to inner guidance if the mailbox is unusual in some way, you may be drawing conclusions when the dream seems to be prodding you to be more open or to take a different view or approach if the mailbox is full there may be issues that are blocking you from opening to opportunity see also mail
Mailbox associated with the expectation of a message, a contact in relationship with others. He can point in the dream often loneliness. An American mail box from sheet refers to illegal transactions. A letter to interject here to say that one is drawn to an inaccuracy or a failure to account.