Dreaming about make up

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feminine projection improved image how do you want to be seeing in the outside world
Feminine projection improved image how you want to be seen by the outside world
Usually when you dream of putting on makeup suggest that you are trying to cover something up what part are you covering up on your body? this would help you figure out what flaw is bothering you on your body you should be more confident in yourself we dream about makeup when we are insecure about our appearance you should focus on what important to you in life and try not to sweat the small stuff
Dreaming of putting on make up suggests serious conflicts with strong opponents if you dream of having nice make up, you will be successful with the opposite sex dreaming of someone else having or putting on make up, means possible fraud

Meaning for seeing make up in your dreams

To dream that you are applying make up, signifies that you are trying to cover up or conceal a hidden aspect of yourself alternatively, it may signify that you are putting on your best face