Dreaming about makeup

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dreams of makeup reflect concerns about appearance and social presentation difficulty applying makeup or getting help doing so suggests anxiety in the face of a big date or social event poorly applied or smeared makeup indicates failed attempts at presentation (our debut did not go as planned ) dreams of removing makeup can reflect a need to “see oneself more clearly ” are we nervous about our attractiveness? are we trying to “cover up” our emotional flaws? related dream symbols bathroom clothing
A dream of using or buying makeup is a very fortunate omen good luck is coming your way
If you dream of putting on makeup, expect serious conflict with a strong opponent if you have nice makeup on, you will have success in dealing with the opposite sex dreaming that someone else has makeup or is putting some on, means you may be defrauded
To dream that you are applying makeup indicates that you are attempting to hide some personal quality or attribute from others it may also represent your desire to be more assertive and raise your esteem and self worth to dream that you are wearing too much makeup implies that you are paying more attention to what is portrayed physically than inner personality and characteristics

Meaning for seeing makeup in your dreams

A dream where you are wearing or applying makeup suggests that you lack confidence in some part of your life, you are trying to hide something about yourself, or you are trying to please those around you
Makeup is used to cover up the ‘natural appearance ‘ many times a dream that focuses on makeup has a message that relates to not expressing yourself authentically you may be in a job that is not appropriate or that does not allow you to express your talents and real capabilities if you are wearing heavier than normal makeup on the eyes you may be exploring your ability to see yourself more clearly or to give definition to your soul expression if the dream focuses on lipstick, the message can relate to covering up expression in terms of what you say red lipstick that accentuates the mouth can be a message about ‘speaking’ what you are passionate about if your cheeks are accentuated, you may need to open to intimacy or feelings that allow you to feel ‘in the pink ‘ if you are going somewhere and realize that you have forgotten your makeup, the dream can be coaching you to move forward in a different way that better expresses who you really are see also clothing and makeup