Dreaming about male genitals

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whether you are male or female, dreaming of male genitalia relates to power, assertiveness and the penetrating force of feelings for a man, these symbols can signify his vital essence or life force he may dream of his penis as a way of exploring sexual drives or the need to activate his passion for a woman, she may be activating power or need to assert herself with a more masculine approach if the genitals are deformed or unusual, the dream can be coaching you to connect with your power in a more functional and less subterranean way for a woman, if this type of dream appears threatening she may not be comfortable expressing assertiveness and independence since ancient times, phallic symbols have portrayed dominating power and the life force that asserts, protects and defends since we generally dream about what we are not expressing or facing, this type of dream can be coaching your ability to become more empowered and passionate see also genitals, womb, anima/animus and anatomy and body parts