Dreaming about mandrake

Desire to hurt and destructive force in ancient times the dream symbol of mandrake roots stood for a masculinity. This flower was used in magical ceremonies (it has a similar meanings as a doll in the voodoo culture). If the man dreams of a mandrake or a mannequin, this dream signifies his deeply hidden desire to hurt or to make damage to other people. On the other hand, the mandrake has a meaning of the 'great mother' and therefore symbolizes the feminine aspect. This plant has a very negative ability, it gives the witch mystical and destructive power.
Responsibility for decisions in a dream the symbol of a mandrake root has two aspects –  with this plant you can cure or kill. also this dream implies that the dreamer should decide and take responsibility for your actions or decisions.
At the nonmaterial level this dream gives you power to live or to die as a creator or as a loser.
In ancient times the mandrake root is a symbol of masculinity. It was often used in magical ceremonies and therefore she was given a similar meaning as a doll in the voodoo cult. When a man meets a mandrake root in a dream or a mannequin, he makes contact with the deeply hidden desire to hurt other people. Both objects may also press a conflict with humans. It is interesting that the mandrake root is also a symbol of the “Great Mother” and therefore symbolizes the feminine aspect. In witchcraft, the witch is thus a connection with the destructive force of their own self-ago.

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