Dreaming about maple

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this beautiful tree, or anything made of its wood, is a symbol of family unity and/or a happy home life to dream of maple sugar, maple syrup or anything flavored with maple signifies a happy love life and extraordinary sexual vigor
To dream of a maple leaf, suggests you will leave home to dream of many maple leaves, suggests not to go on the road
To dream of a maple tree represents your ability to accept others, offer affection, and be modest it also implies that you will enjoy prosperity and pleasure in your life to see a falling maple tree symbolizes problems and severed bonds in a domestic relationship to see a maple leaf in your dream symbolizes your physical awareness in relation to smell, touch, sight, hearing, and taste it can also imply assistance and guidance
To see a maple in your dream, symbolizes humility, warmth, and openness it also indicates positive gains, happiness and fullness of life to see a falling maple tree, indicates family disharmony and broken ties to see a maple leaf in your dream, represents each of the five senses and what it has to offer it also denotes a helping or protective hand

Meaning for seeing maple in your dreams

– comfortable and happy life.
Hindu – one goes around the forest: it echoes back again; – not always want to have your head.
– to see: Joy in prospect; – cut down: you have your chance trittst underfoot; – to see a leafless see: your happiness fades.