Dreaming about marathon

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dreaming about a marathon represents an ongoing situation or circumstance that you are currently living through. it is a symbol to keep persisting so that you can get the result you desire.
An ongoing situation or circumstance that a person is undergoing. a sign that the person can persist to get a result.
To watch a marathon in your dream predicts success in whatever concerns you most if you dreamed of running in a marathon yourself, you can expect an exciting new offer (whether you won or lost the race in your dream)
To dream of participating in the marathon, suggests you must work hard and show patience to prevail against your competitors to dream you observe a marathon, means you will make a very serious work effort and do strenuous work before you boast with your achievements

Meaning for seeing marathon in your dreams

In a dream, a marathon refers to your race through life this journey may be a struggle or it might be an inspiration for you you may feel like a champion in your dream because you are looking forward to winning a promotion at work or completing a big project it symbolizes your fight to achieve your goals