Dreaming about melting

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what is melting in your dream? if you remember what was melting in your dream would help understand what need caring for something in your life is melting away and might disappear
To dream of melting fat, predicts that you may have health problems or trouble to dream of melting ice or snow, indicates that you will be healed from fear or that you are going to fix relations with the enemy
To dream of melting ice or snow indicates that you have discarded feelings of hostility or resentment towards someone else it may imply that you are slowly accepting another perspective or idea
To see melting ice or snow, signifies that you are letting go or releasing negative or cold emotions that you have been feeling you are warming up to a situation
When you move toward intimacy and become less ‘frigid,’ you may dream of something melting as a symbol of how your defensive tendencies are breaking down anything melting in a dream personifies the ‘thawing out’ and new life of something that was previously frozen if the dream involves ice melting, it relates more to feelings dreaming of melting metal can show the hardness of your self protective tendencies and how they are being made more solvent in preparation for opening
Thaw in the dream represents the change in emotional reactions. A previously existing emotional detachment begins to dissolve.

Meaning for seeing melting in your dreams

On the psychological level, the dreamer is able to heat an interpersonal encounter and emotional melt away; perhaps dominant cold. Prevails in the dreamer himself from the cold, he must at the emotional level, the causes for this review.
Emotional thawing refers to the ability of all inhibitions to come clean and warm and loving to be.
– dreaming of melting means a former opponent will soon be your friend.