Dreaming about memory

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to dream about a memory, suggests that you are ready to rid yourself of your old ways and undergo some sort of transformation, gaining a new outlook in life recalling a memory in your dream indicates that you have learned something important from your past
Dreaming that you save something, means that you need assistance and attention of a friend to dream that have lost your memory, suggests that you must work on compassion and patience with your relatives and acquaintances
In ancient times, lovers often exchanged souvenirs. If you own such a memory in a dream, it depicts the ability to love and be loved. An object, which connects the dreamer with his past, recalls him from what he once was capable of and who he was.
Many dreams do not necessarily reflect romantic memories. Is a dream of an object, which the dreamer is very valuable and was presented to him by another man, this dream is the view of the free beauty in general. He^s the typical memory dreams. He points out that something repressed or repeatedly postponed and eventually forget what originally was important. Sometimes a symbol for a (in his own life) significant issues with which we currently do not want to deal, however.

Meaning for seeing memory in your dreams

A keepsake stands as a symbol of love in a dream.
– get away, or even announced an upcoming, most emotionally stressed and very happy event. – from a friend and not be asked to provide: significant difficulties.