Dreaming about mermaid

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to see a mermaid in your dream represents doubts about your femininity if you were a mermaid in your dream, this represents the current state of your love relationship(s) if the dream was happy and turned out well, it is a good forecast for your love life but if the dream was strange or unhappy, it means your current love relationship or crush is not doing well
If you are a man and you dream about a mermaid implies your fear of having sex with a pretty women if you are a female and dream of a mermaid means that your not comfortable in your shoes
A mermaid in your dream is a symbol of your current love or personal affairs, and its meaning depends on the action and the general atmosphere of the dream if those elements were pleasant, you can expect things to go well, but if they were unpleasant or generated a feeling of confusion or dissatisfaction, the dream portends a disappointment
To dream that you were a mermaid, indicates that you should not wait for a miracle in love and try to do things rationally dreaming that you see a mermaid, means that you will give way to temptation, which can cost you big losses

Meaning for seeing mermaid in your dreams

To see a mermaid in your dream, signifies the female aspect of yourself that is mysterious and secretive it may also show a fear of sex in particular, for a man to dream of a mermaid, it indicates that he is having fears of being drowned by the feminine aspect of his psyche for a woman, it suggests doubts over her femininity