Dreaming about metal

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Strength, a material power or force. Strength of will, perhaps unbending emotions is portended.
Endurance high strength need to stay firm in basic principles.
Endurance high strength need to stay firm in basic principles.
A dream concerning metal takes its meaning from the action as well as the type to dream of molten metal indicates formidable, if not insurmountable, obstacles in your path; you may want to consider a new goal or direction buying metal signifies money luck, and selling metal augurs progress after hardships.
Dreaming of metal objects, means you have to make compromises and lose something to dream you see or use metal, suggests by all means to get rid of some of your shortcomings to dream of gold and silver, means you may have losses and problems.
A dream with metal suggests that you have a strong character, are single minded, or are unbiased in your ways it may also mean that you are trying to embrace these characteristics, or that someone in your waking life is displaying similar characteristics or a cold or tough character.

Meaning for seeing metal in your dreams

Metal is a substance that is tough and enduring when it appears in a dream it can symbolize hardness or a lack of feeling that comes from being overly self protective metal can still be weathered and worn by the elements to become rusty, where rust would signify how an old way of being may not be appropriate to the present metal is portraying something other than your organic nature because it is usually ‘prepared’ or shaped into something for use or display seeing a meshlike object can symbolize mental dynamics or defense mechanisms at work metal objects in dreams are often a message that you are being too hard or not natural see amulet and necklace.