Dreaming about misery

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to dream of misery, means you want for better days
Misery that you see in others, points out, one should realize that how well you did it yourself and should be content. Sometimes it is also the envy of others to express that one has not noticed.
Your unconscious seem to sound the alarm. Are you just going to do something that can hurt you. Or you go against your beliefs?
– to see yourself in misery: heralds a rich inheritance; – to be in misery: get a sad news and weaken the pursuit of greatest prosperity; – see others in misery: means the approach of real misery, or you will be envied, also points to dispute and dishonest transactions between friends.

Meaning for seeing misery in your dreams

– dream a big misery: unfortunate circumstances; – see: you will feel remorse; – get into it: your sorrow will be fixed soon; – feel: gloomy and anxious prospects.