Dreaming about mobile phone

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a mobile phone indicates you are clairaudient clairaudience is where you literally hear messages from the spirit world mostly the messages are heard as lines from songs or movies popping into your head the segment of the song will repeat over and over making you wonder why you cannot get it out of your head once you accept it is a message it immediately changes to a line from another song or stops if it is the end of the message
Dreaming of a mobile phone, means that you are parting with a relative or good friend dreaming of talking on a mobile phone, suggests that you are to choose a significant relationship or not perform a promise to dream of someone talking on a mobile phone, suggests that you will suffer losses to dream that you hear the phone ring, means you will understand that you have an enemy or competitor, where not expected to dream that you have a broken mobile phone, predicts you will get news
– Accessibility & expansive communication.
– What kind of communication have extreme importance for me?

Meaning for seeing mobile phone in your dreams

Mobile phone or cell phone (also hand phone) is a very recent newcomer; in the dream symbolism. Those who frequently dreams mobile phone (it carry with them a lot to make calls on the road, etc.), is in reality the typical cell phone user he values ??independence in all walks of his life. Also this person like to improvise and don^t let anyone to control him he hates that. Mobile phone is a symbol of today for freedom and individual needs.
European – Dreaming of mobile phone: you will soon handle on your life better, especially in professional terms; – To use mobile phone (cell phone or hand phone) in dream: a problem, that has become a burden, will be resolved soon;