Dreaming about moose

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dreaming of a moose foretells a positive change of circumstances but if you shot the moose in your dream, some family trouble which has been brewing will finally boil over if you dreamed of a baby moose, you will have a stroke of good luck probably in connection with a trip
If you dreamed of a moose in its natural habitat, you can expect a beneficial change of circumstances, unless you shot it, in which case you can expect some family trouble that has been about to boil over a baby moose in your dream means a lucky break probably in connection with a journey
Seeing a moose in the forest in your dreams means you can expect a new love see it in a zoo, means you will have wasted dreams if you see moose antler, you will have a worthy rival in love if you dream that you eat or caress a moose, you will enjoy a shared love if you kill it, you’ll lose a loved one if you eat meat from a moose, you will suffer for an old love
To see a moose in your dream, represents long life and longevity it may refer to the elders around you alternatively, a moose may also indicate that you can be both powerful and gentle
Gift of strength, strength to continue with your dream job.
The moose usually refers to the male sexual urges, especially if it is an animal that is in the rut and aggressive acts. In general, the moose is a good sign, since it indicates favorable business or private and personal connections.

Meaning for seeing moose in your dreams

The mighty beast is a powerful symbol of freedom and unlimited scope, but also for a simple, independent life in nature. Who dreams of him, longs for it and should at least take a break on vacation. A typical dropout dream.
– wild animals in unnatural captivity: means dispute or dispute.