Dreaming about mouth

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nourishment new attitudes you will soon have news from interests you are anxious over
To dream of an open mouth is a straightforward warning that you tend to use yours too much; try to listen more an open mouth with teeth showing indicates a false friend be on guard a small but shapely mouth predicts approaching money, and a large but shapely one forecasts a valuable new friend
Dreaming that you see a mouth, indicates that you must be moderate in what you talk about to dream of an open mouth, suggests that you may have poverty to dream that your mouth is sewn, indicates that you will manage to save or earn money to dream of a mouth without teeth, indicates that you may lose your friends to dream of a full mouth, is a sign of wealth and abundance to dream that you have a very big mouth, means you may be a victim of unnecessary wrangling
A dream where focus is put on the mouth suggests that you need to express yourself or your opinions more openly, or are craving social engagement or communication you may have an issue that you feel the need to talk about

Meaning for seeing mouth in your dreams

To see a mouth in your dream, signifies your need to express yourself or talk about an issue that’s bothering you on the other hand, perhaps you have said too much and you need to keep your mouth shut
The mouth is associated with communication and the idea of nourishment if a dream focuses on the mouth, you may be expressing yourself in a way that is not revealing what you really feel, causing a lack of real fulfillment you may need to recognize the importance of truth in working through an issue see anatomy and body parts